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Spira of Sweden Bosse Birch Ply Tray

Introducing the Bosse Tray - A sweet and loyal serving companion.

Bosse may appear endearing, but don't be fooled by his innocent look - he's a cheeky character. If you prefer relaxed strolls rather than long walks, Bosse is the perfect canine companion.

Handcrafted in Sweden, Spira's Bosse tray is constructed using several layers of birch veneer. To ensure durability and practicality, the trays are pressed using heat and pressure, making them water-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Measuring 20 × 27 cm, this neat little tray is the ideal size for serving your morning coffee and cinnamon bun, or do what Bosse prefers and load it with treats!


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Lena Brunnsåker and Susanne Kjöllerström, the creative Swedish duo behind Spira, started out with the simple desire to fill our homes with joy and attitude.

Every season they bring out new textiles that bring fresh new patterns and prints that cleverly work with past collections. 

Patterns clash and unexpected colour combinations bring excitement and personality to the home. The goal is that you can create your own personal style by combining and matching different prints and patterns.

Welcome to the burgeoning world of patterns!

Dimensions and details

Dimensions20 x 27 cm
MaterialFSC® certified birch veneer
Care AdviceWash in hot soapy water. Dishwasher safe.
OriginHandcrafted in Sweden