Pappelina Poppy Bio Runner - Oregano

Inspired by the enigmatic hues of the Swedish forest, Pappelina's striking Oregano and Vanilla POPPY runner features a captivating seed capsule design, encapsulating a sense of playfulness and evoking the joyful essence of the natural world.

This pattern is an addition to Pappelina's Bio Edition range, which consists of rugs woven from carbon-neutral, bio-sourced material originating from tall oil, a residue in the papermaking process. It stands as a testament to Pappelina's dedication to sustainability and its efforts for a greener future.

Poppy is suitable for both indoor and outdoor floors, fully reversible, washable, and available in three practical lengths.


Woven to order and on your floor in 21 - 28 days.

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BIOVYN™ - is the world’s first commercially produced bio-attributed PVC, made of wood-based tall oil.

Crude wood-based tall oil is a residue of the pulp-making process used for paper production and a part of responsible wood sourcing. BIOVYN™ is the next generation PVC made using 100% renewable feedstock not competing with the food chain, delivering a reduction in the carbon footprint of more than 90% compared to conventional produced PVC. 

BIOVYN™ is a highly sustainable product. This new product is a true leader in the emerging circular bio-economy. BIOVYN™ is a product from Pappelina's supplier of all their PVC, INOVYN.

So, does this mean that all the other Pappelina rugs made of conventional PVC are less sustainable? No, conventional PVC already has a very low carbon footprint and is a long-lasting material, made to be used for many years to come. 

Pappelina's Bio edition is their contribution to the more conscious design industry. 

A Pappelina rug is always a good responsible choice.


Dimensions and details

DesignPoppy Bio
ColourwayOregano : Vanilla
Width70 cm (All measurements may vary ±4%)
LengthAvailable in 3 lengths - 150, 250 & 350 cm
Thickness5 mm
MaterialBIOVYN™, a bio-attributed carbon neutral PVC made from wood-based tall oil.
EndsWelded for strength and durability.
Care AdviceSee PDF
OriginTraditionally crafted in Leksand, Sweden. Woven on looms using wooden shuttles.
Suitable ForAll areas of the home. Indoor and outdoor use.