Pappelina Otto Runner - Clay

Circles are integral to Pappelina's design DNA, particularly for creative director Lina, who, after nearly 25 years as a designer, consistently returns to this pattern.

OTTO stands as a prime example of this fondness. Featuring large round circles in earthy tones, the OTTO runner offers a dual expression: one side showcases circles on a Linen background, while the other displays blocks of expansive colour.

This distinctive design provides versatility, allowing you to instantly transform a space with a simple rug flip. Choose a side!

OTTO is woven in Sweden from soft PVC, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, reversible, washable, and available in two practical lengths.


Woven to order and on your floor in 21 - 28 days.

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Plastic carpets? Yes, the idea is fantastic!

The technique of weaving plastic carpets was born in 1948 in Dalarna, Sweden, and was later modernised by Pappelina as new forms, colours, and materials were added to the original process.

A Pappelina rug begins its life in the mind of Lina Rickardsson. It is she who is Pappelina, she who is the designing force.

When you invest in a rug from Pappelina you invest in quality – quality that lies in true Swedish craftsmanship.

Every rug is finished by hand. Experienced and careful eyes check every centimetre. It’s a true piece of craftsmanship. It’s quality. And it’s Swedish through and through.

Can a plastic rug be sustainable?

Pappelina only uses the highest quality plastic material. A rug from Pappelina is exclusively woven from the purest plastic ribbons made in Sweden. By purchasing Swedish-made raw materials they can meet their high-quality standards and ensure that their rugs do not contain any harmful substances whatsoever. The plastic they use is approved for use in the food industry and to produce toys in both the EU and the US.


Dimensions and details

DesignOtto Clay
ColourwayWalnut : Vanilla : Dark Linen : Linen background
Width70 cm
LengthAvailable in 2 lengths - 140 & 280 cm
Thickness5 mm
MaterialSwedish phthalate-free PVC ribbon and German polyester warp thread for strength and durability.
EndsWelded for strength and durability.
OriginCrafted in Leksand, Sweden
NoteMeasurements may vary ±4%