Puzzle Post Escape Room in an Envelope - The Split

Ready to be thrown into a world of glamour and rumour? Each Puzzle Post Escape Room game begins as soon as you open the envelope.

In 'The Split', Siena Sudlow hits the big time when she's asked to tour with her favourite band.

Her dream doesn't last long however, and soon Siena becomes embroiled in the band's disputes and scandalous activities.

For one wild week of photoshoots and parties Siena lives the high life, before the gossip gets too much. Now the paparazzi is at her hotel and she needs out!

Siena has stashed a message for you in an online vault, along with a series of clues to the passcode.

To solve Siena's puzzles, you're going to need to think outside the envelope.


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Whether you are an escape room aficionado or yet to get the bug, Puzzle Post's Escape Rooms in an Envelope make fantastic entertainment for get-togethers and gatherings.

Imagine an immersive game of Cluedo brought to life in your living room, featuring gripping stories, mysterious puzzles and realistic snippets of evidence.

All this in one lightweight envelope, with every element carefully designed for a truly absorbing experience.

In addition to the paper materials, you will need internet access to complete the task.

  • There are 7 puzzles to solve, which together create a passcode for the locked online vault, so work closely with your teammates.
  • Enter the passcode online to access the vault and complete the game.
  • Clues are available online, in case you need them.
  • Scan the QR code on the envelope to personalise the puzzle with your own secret message.

Dimensions and details

NameThe Split
DimensionsH 21 x W 14 x D 1 cm
OriginMade in United Kingdom
Suitable ForAges 14 and over, for groups of 1 - 4
Note45 - 90 min average play time